Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ofcoz Mahathir Is Better Than Lee Kuan Yew.

Mahathir resigned from Malaysia PM post, Kuan yew resigned to accept more senior post , in other words no resigning maa.

Only wear different glove.

Mahathir hold no government official post except badan here badan there , Kuan Yew still a minister, Mentor at that. Taiko big brother.
Mahathir has trust with his own kind, Kuan Yew have no trust with his kind to ensure his son gets the post to succeed him he must have certain amount of power In Malaysia its call nepotism , in Singapore its called....... nothing, becoz no one dare to call it anything.

Mahathir have a political son who have to struggled to go up himself when he no longer wielded any power. he can do that when he was the Primer but he did not.

Taiko LKY on the other hand does that.
Mahathir fight opposing views with logic our big taiko Lee fight opposing views ... there got opposition are? how come cant see anyone.

Mahathir sue no one , our taiko sued almost 11 people at last count.All go bankrupt, thats PAP democracy that DAP is going to implement it here if got chance.

Meanwhile they use"Gag Order" dont ask lebai anything they are so dungu to understand it.

Mahathir has no proxy in Singapore to disturb the PAP kiasu, PAP has plenty in Malaysia including the lebais , the ketayaps and the now ex primo.

Mahathir ensure Prosper thy neighbour policy goes well, a good and prosperous neighbour will benefits Malaysia, Singapore discreetly does the opposite, a troubled neighbour benefited them.

They eyeing our FDI and business and pray that we ll be in trouble.

In Indonesia when the local burnt the chinese houses during the ethnic clashes Singapore benefited from it,when all the chinese millionaire escaped to Singapore with their money and deposited it into Singapore bank. So you See, a troubled neighbour always benefited Singapore.

Read this report :
JAKARTA, Indonesia: Hundreds of police and soldiers have been dispatched to restore security in western Indonesia after 14 people were killed and dozens wounded in ethnic clashes, police said Wednesday.

In Malaysia Mahathir have to face HARAKAH, Suara Keldaian, Rocket and many more, in Singapore Kuan Yew have to face .. oh sorry nothing,  infact the reverse is true they have to face Kuan yew instead.

In Malaysia we no longer have ISA and EO still we survived but a bit troubled la, in Singapore the ISA is intact, the Singapore chinese government wont trust their own kind to be as free.

Even in China they treated their own kind with kindnes as this. See this pic below :

In Malaysia Mahathir have to face a strong chinese with powerful economy , in Singapore Kuan Yew entertained a weak malay community with no political party.

All the mass malay population disappear and gone, even the historical Istana Glam gone.

Here you cant touch anything that spells the words Chinese.Surely Malaysia is a good country.

Lee Kuan yew and PAP have all the time to mess with Malaysian politic because a peaceful and prosper Malaysia will compete with Singapore economy. Thts not good for Singapore.

Malaysia actually dont bother much with Singapore politic.

Kuan Yew very lucky to have DAP in Malaysia , but Mahathir dont bother maa, a crooked bridge will trouble Singapore thats why Singapore managed to use our stupid talibarut to failed it.

You can write thousand of books from Singapore condemning Mahathir and you' ll not get sued, try write one book on Kuan Yew you go bankrupt.

Singapore is bad naming us because they are jealous and threathen by our well being, we have primary and secondary, we have bank commercial things as well as rubber, tin and palm oil, and also Oil.

Singapore only have DAP , PAS and Anwar and now mr clean oh also that guy mullah or what his name.

In Malaysia you can drive your expensive car breaking the speed limit at our highway to visit your land in Melaka and Penang without wanting to pay AES summon using your brother in opposition here to stop the implementation.

What they cannot do in Singapore they want to do it here.
With neighbours like Singapore you dont need enemy.

Wellcome to Malaysia where death is cheap but Singaporean  aplenty. They tapau our land , petrol and everything and they say death is cheap.

You cheapo hipokrito.


  1. well said. How true it is but sadly to say that so many Malaysians still look so highly on those kiasu Singaporeans

  2. Lari dari topik sikit tapi saya rasa blog ini boleh publish komen saya mengenai perlantikan Abdul Azeez Rahim sebagai pengerusi Tabung Haji.

    Saya mintak tolong sangat-sangat dengan kerajaan utk tarik balik watikah perlantikan beliau.

    Saya kenal Azeez. Ini kisah hidupnya. Sekolah rendah di SK bukit bintang. sekolah menengah di Sm bukit bintang PJ. GAGAL SRP. Masuk vanto akedemy PJ dan ambil SRP sekali lagi dan gagal SRP sekali lagi sbg pelajar persendirian.

    Lepas itu dia kerja di Shah Motel di Pj sebagai pelayan. Sambil tu dia mula jual kereta terpakai di kalangan kawan2 dia. Dulu dia duduk di kg ghandi jln klang lama.

    kemudian dia pindah ke rumah panjang dekat sg way. dia buka kedai kereta terpakai di pj. Nama kedai KTA- Kereta Terpakai Azeez.Banyak buat duit bila dia jual kereta kat pensyarah ITM dsb.

    Masuk politik melalui kenalan di Baling. Dia lahir dan membesar di Petaling Jaya. Emak dia 100% mamak. dia janda 5 anak lelaki. Ayah dia rahim ( 100% mamak) tinggalkan anak2 dia dan kawin lain. ayah dia dulu pernah bawa teksi. pas tu berniaga kedai makan dsb.adik beradik dia nasir, rashid, rahman dan mutalib.

    Dia bohong satu dunia yg dia ada MBA dari "Preston" universiti. Tak pernah ambil SPM tahu2 dah "beli" MBA.

    Dia kalau baca ni pasti terkejut sbb maklumat ini betul 100%. Dia memang kenal sangat dengan saya.

    1. Ni lah budaya org Melayu. Pantang je nampak orang/negara lain senang. Hati semua busuk! Kalau boleh nak semua gagal macam dia. Puiiih!

  3. Crappy article with facts thrown in only to suit the author.

    1. Mahathir resigned because he was TIRED of handling all the crappy malay issues ie. backstabing politicians and corrupted public officials. LKY resigned because he wanted to give the torch to the next generation. Proof? Mahathir CRIED when he resigned at the 2002 UMNO general assembly. LKY SMILED when he resigned late 1990.

    2. Mahathir trust his own kind??? Can someone tell me what happened to Razaleigh, Salleh Abbas and Anwar Ibrahim?

    3. One of his son is the Menteri Besar of Kedah, another owns Sepang Circuit. You want nepotism? Malaysia is full of it. Ask Najib and Hishammuddin if you don't believe.

    4. Mahathir fight opposition with logic??? HAHAHAHA! His brand of logic is detaining them under ISA for as long as he could! FYI, LKY is a Cambridge Law graduate. Logic is his bread and butter.

    5. Same as above. Mahathir doesn't sue. He uses the POLICE under ISA to detain anyone he thinks is a threat to him. At least LKY got guts to face his opponent in court. Mahathir got?

    6. Why would Singapore even BOTHER to kacau Malaysia? You're like flies. Annoying things but HARMLESS :P

    7. The equivalent ISA in Singapore is used for terrorists who pose a threat only. Malaysia ISA used mostly for politics. Ask Karpal, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar, Raja Petra, Sabu, Teresa, Tan Hoo Cheng etc.

    8. Mahathir where got face anyone lest of all chinese community. He hide behind his police force and ISA. How many times must I sayyyy?

    9. Want to know where all the Malay in Singapore disappear to? Ask ppl living in JB. They should know. :P

    10. In Malaysia you can't even TALK about the word Malay rights if you're non-malay. Kena tahan police because raising 'sensitive' issue.

    11. Malaysia got oil beneath ground, oil growing on trees. Still cannot compete with tiny Singapore ah? What happen to all that money man? Oh, maybe you should start asking you're politicians?

    12. Malaysia don't bother with Singaporean politics because politicians there too smart for them. Enuf said

    13. LKY got reputation to jaga. Mahathir got none. That's why M so silent. Because he can't fight it in the court of law

    14. Singapore bad naming Malaysia because it's true. Tell me something that you heard Singapore tell ppl about Malaysia which is not true? Duit kopi policeman? Dirty streets? Smelly toilets?

    15. I agree. Singapore love Malaysia because they can get away with anything. Drive car 300++ km/h also no one kacau. Spit, defecate and pee in public normal thing lah. It's almost like this country call Malaysia got no law or police. So happy oh.

    16. Welcome to the land of Singapore where if you work hard, doesn't matter who your father was, you can get rich and be successful. Malaysia aplenty here too taking all the jobs, education and everything.

    You greedy hipokrito ;)

  4. wah so terrible singapore got isa and bully opossition

  5. mahathir got mb son when he no longer PM.correct . kuan yew make sure his son becomes Pm first, so teruk la kuan yew

    1. someone needs to teach you history. After LKY step down, Goh Chok Tong became PM. After 14 YEARS then only Lee Hsien Loong. Can you promise me one of Mahathir's son will never run for PM in future 14 years after he step down???

  6. Anon 3:17 u fail to compare tun and kuan yew. U only managed to talk about tun.lets talk about the comparison

    1. Fair enough point. My purpose wasn't to compare but to highlight the inaccuracy and bias-ness in the statements provided here. I personally dislike comparing both leaders as it is akin to comparing apples and oranges. BUT. If you truly want a comparison read :

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  8. It is a sin for mahathir to make his son a pm.but it is not for lky typicall kiasu thinking

  9. Nepotisma of PAP

  10. LKY mmg racist..tgk owg melayu apa dia buat kt sana..klu kita tgk perumahan sana..10 pintu rumah cina..yg pitu ke 12 atai 13 baru 1 pintu org melayu..tgk cina sini bole buat kampung cina lg

    apa pun DR.M buat singapura respect skit dgn m'sia..klu org lain jd PM masa 2..Xtahulah..mungkin org kita masih lg nk pegi sana bili-belah spt thn 70an,80an..apa pun aku mmg kata singapore negara yg X perlu buat baik..mmg kurang ajor..

    1. Maksud wak ni Malaysia lebih terkenal dari Singapore di dalam dunia? Lebih maju? lebih kaya? lebih aman? Kalau tidak pernah pergi silalah pergi tengok dulu

  11. Gua mmg respect sama lky bak singgA.. bndg tun m bak kuat kacau org..
    Bila tun abdullah jd pm.. tun m xhormat dia lgsg.. faktor utama tun abdulah xbg chance ank tun m jd mb kedah.pas jib naik pm ank tun m jd pm kedah..skrg tun m kutuk kpimpinan jib kn tun m nk msk cmpr hal krjn sedia ada lg.dh retired pn nk myalak2 cm anjing buat pe..lky is a legend..tun m is crab..lg pn tun m bkn 100% ank jati pd msa dtg biarlh org melayu je bperintah.jgn bg org mamak msk politik..nanti ank bangla@ank pakistan pn blh jd pm kt malaysia..fikirlh wahai sahabatku melayu..