Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Mahathir Slippery Grip

Mahathir Sippery Grip.

Its like they always said "you can drag a horse to the river , but you surely cannot force it to drink"

Similarly,  you can threatened an mp to jump over your wagon but you can never be sure who they will be voting for on that crucial day.

As both sides (Anwar and DAP) "up their ente" eyeing on the coveted throphy of premiership , it seems Mahathirs grip is loosening and slippery as it gets.

Latest development had not shown situation are favourable to Tun Mahathir.

You wont be far wrong to say Mahathir days are numbered.

The topdog has transformed itself  as street dog.

But, knowing Mahathirs , always have something up his sleeve to throw the last card.

If at all Mahathir failed to defend his postion , his reputation will go down the drain in the history of the nation as the first PM of Malaysia to be booted out from vote of no confidence and the shortest in office as well.

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